Teaching style:

My goal teaching yoga for the past 6 years, and practicing for 13, is cultivating personal empowerment. My teaching style has been called "jazz yoga" owing to my playfulness with tempo, a freedom within poses to try different variations and linking everything with smooth transitions. I use unpretentious language, have a joyful demeanor and cater classes to the ability level at hand using a minimum of equipment. I frequently use D' Angelo's album Voodoo to teach to and love yoga outside to just the sounds of nature whenever possible.

Ultimately as a teacher, I'm striving to get people into a flow state in their body with progressive movements to reach a yogic state. I also study and practice the American art form of breakdancing, which plays into an exciting variety of possibilities for movement during my classes. The practice of finding and sustaining a yogic state is endlessly fascinating to me and has proven an invaluable tool of reassurance during times of stress.

Primary teachers:

Jacqui Bonwell, vinyasa yoga

Sagel Urlacher, yin yoga

Anya Porter, breakti yoga

Joe Schlottach, breakdancing

Intensive trainings: Hands-on adjustments at Greener Postures Yoga Maine, yoga therapeutics with Doug Keller and advanced sequencing with Mary Dana Abbott of Laughing Lotus NYC

Yoga classes taken: In 30 US states in a vast array of styles: vinyasa, ashtanga, katonah, anusara, iyengar, dahn, kemetic, jivamukti, kundalini, dharma, power, hatha, restorative, kripalu, yin, somatics, ashaya, universal and more.

Classes of greatest influence:

Diego Del Sol at Yoga Del Sol, Wash DC

David Vendetti of South Boston Yoga

Mariel Freeman of Three Queens Yoga Phil, PA

Alexandra Holmes at Dhyana Yoga Phil, PA

Colby Smith at Dig Yoga Lambertville, NJ

Julian Paik at The Roundhouse Beacon, NY

Kimberly Dahlmann of Yoga East Portsmouth, NH

Dana Walters at Project Yoga Richmond, VA

J. Miles at Om On Yoga Richmond, VA

Martia Rachman of Black Mountain Yoga, NC

Wesley Pilcher at Arkansas Yoga Collective Little Rock, AR

Taylor Henry of Seva Yoga Fort Henry, AR

Josie Schweitzer at Thank Yoga Columbus, OH

Brian Baty of Inner Harmony Yoga Missoula, MT

Teo Whitmore at Shine on Yoga San Marcos, TX

Allisun Snow Hull of Orange Yoga Albuquerque, NM

Soozie Kinstler at Samadhi Center for Yoga Denver, CO

 Bryan Kest of Santa Monica Power Yoga & Meditation Santa Monica, CA

Max Sloves at Studio Surya Yoga Venice, CA

Jenny Miller of The Body Electric Yoga Company St Pete, FL

 Liz Delaney of Greenville Yoga, SC